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A labor of love!

I found this guitar in need of repair and

restored it to full playability. Several cracks

and the binding had to be repaired (solid one piece top and back). The back needed total refinishing and the tuners were shot so I located on Reverb a set of Waverly tuners from the early 50s that fit perfectly and after some cleaning and coating with Teflon they keep perfect tune. A testament to Waverly’s quality. Had to do a fret job to get it to play just right. During the war metal was rationed so they made the tailpiece out of rosewood with a pearl inlay (beautiful). I made a rosewood pickguard to match. Found a good case to keep it humidified in and keep it in a drop D tuning so as not to stress the neck (all original one piece). Call her Omaha Beach in memory of the thousands of young men who gave their lives to halt Fascism. 75 years old and plays beautifully!